vacation highlights...

well i have to say it was an interesting vacation. we stayed in an r.v., which i haven't done since i was a child. i know, it probably doesn't sound enviable but it was in a lovely setting and actually got me itching to take a road trip! i would love to travel around the country for a summer... when the kids get old enough to appreciate it.

it was jack henry's first time away from home by himself (he stayed a few days without us). i missed him so much, but he had a lot of fun. he is getting so big (sniff).

the family that we stayed with have chickens. only mildly entertaining... until you factor in the rooster! his name is kate (they were promised they were all girls but i guess it's hard to tell). he took a particular disliking to my husband. poor kyle. i have seriously never laughed so hard as i did after hearing him scream every time that rooster snuck up on him. i know it sounds mean to laugh, but he describes it as feeling like being attacked by a feather duster... which makes the high pitched scream even funnier.

my son, on the other hand learned to placate the rooster quickly by admitting that he (kate) was in charge, every time he walked by him. it seemed to work, and when it didn't he was rescued by our usually very wimpy dog!

my two year old daughter, on the other hand, used a different tactic. she simply yelled "cut it down rooster... just take your girls and go!", every time he came near. i really spent the entire time laughing. thanks kate!

for more vacation photo's go here!

thanks to suzanne and jay for being such nice hosts!

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