Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

i have no words for how incredible this is! yay for human curiosity and ingenuity!

found here!

mushrooms and more...

a new mushroom in the shop now. i have more on the way. i have also cut out a bunch of new items for the holidays... including a fun project i am working on with my sister... nativity scenes! did i tell you that already? we made some as gifts last year and they came out nicely. i appreciate you sticking with me... i know the shop and blog have been slow. sometimes i have to take a step back and focus on family. i have both kids home full time now, and we are finding our rhythm. new updates coming soon.

another year...

fall always seems to be a time for both endings and beginnings for me. i guess every new season is like that, but fall always carries the most meaning for me. every one in my little family was born in the fall, except for myself... so there are a lot of happy little celebrations and also the melancholy remembrance of my oldest child. this week was a quiet one for that. it is always a bittersweet time. we took his birthday to be together as a family. i felt like that was the best way to hold him close, as we each carry a little bit of him. my daughter really understood this year for the first time what the day meant, and she told me she carries a piece of reece's heart in her heart. very sweet and true words.

we drove up to the mountains, and the children were able to pick the last of the seasons apples. the leaves were so lovely. we took the most wonderful walk through the woods, and found a wide open field next to a stream, to run through. i felt grateful for all that i have been given.

happy 9th birthday to reece thomas.

this year i am also thinking about the (too) many families i know of who have also lost children. we are all connected as family.


forever orchids...


have you been to visit the winsome hollow shop lately? the work my sister is doing lately seriously blows me away! her attention to details, and ability to capture the amazing essence of nature in fiber form is incredible. this orchid is made from vintage kimonos. beautiful... and it will last forever! what a talented artist i have for a sister!

meanwhile, my kids are busy making a pots and pans band in the kitchen... and i am looking for the ear plugs.