inspiration wednesday (yes it's been awhile)...

1. rise and shine, 2. Little Bouquet, 3. leaf crown, 4. surrounded, 5. 8.30, 6. sunset, 7. traversing leaves, 8. Untitled, 9. fall loves., 10. leaves, 11. Untitled, 12. sunlit leaves, 13. swan dwelling., 14. leaf, 15. baby hats and baby toes, 16. banana oat muffins, 17. Wedding No. 99, 18. Fieldmouse messenger, 19. Paper Toy Tintin, 20. ., 21. Untitled, 22. Pumpkin Patch, 23. autumn storm 024hc, 24. golden, 25. marigold dyeing, 26. 1920's Dress, 27. abandoned, 28. The yellow cabinet, 29. Yarn love, 30. The sky, the sea, the waves & the beach, 31. blackbird forest, 32. cornflower blue, 33. scrap buckets, 34. it all ready is better!, 35. wed2, 36. shelving

i cannot believe how long the fall is here in georgia (didn't i say that about the spring?). the leaves have been changing color since september and are still going! the colors are amazing and there are still so many trees to go. except for all the rain (boo) the world looks so beautiful right now (yay). my favorite time of year... except i am sooo looking forward to christmas this year. the last few years have been very humbug, which isn't like me at all. this year, i am already excited. i even bought my christmas cards this week! i never plan early for anything either! we want to decorate the yard with lights, but going to the hardware store and looking at all those extension cords and lights made me realize it looks a lot easier than it is. yikes! well, until then, i get to enjoy a glorious yard full of red, yellow and gold!

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