flickr inspiration and etsy favorites, together at last!...

love on a wire, by wood and wool stool on flickr

ok, sorry for the silly title post... i couldn't resist. i thought i would combine my flickr favorites with my etsy favorites today, since realizing that they often overlap! it just makes sense that so many of the artists and vintage sellers i love on etsy are also wonderful photographers. so let's start with a favorite you have probably seen a lot of places online lately, wood and wool stool. what a talented and creative artist ingrid jansen is! i love her rustic style of work, and the mix of recycled materials with "old fashioned" handmade techniques. it is amazing how it achieves such a modern feel. she does such a  great job combining simplicity, originality and color. lovely.

here is a new favorite to me, that i discovered browsing through the favorites of some of my favorites on flickr (is that confusing?). it's a great way to find new artists or work that you love!

vintage wallpapered closet door, by nest decorating on flickr

i love this artist's beautiful eclectic style of decorating and the way it applies to her work as well. her home was featured here, among other places, and she is lucky enough to live in shelburne, vermont! i'm so happy i found her!

cascading orange rose, by tamar on etsy

here is an artist i have obviously featured before... but despite the family connection she is truly one of the most inspiring artists i know:)

bedroom, by winsome hollow on flickr

katy has such an amazing eye for design (believe me i have see her apartment in person:), and it really shows in her work. if you haven't looked into her shop lately, you should treat yourself. the continuous transformation of her designs is amazing, and the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is truly inspiring.

textile succulent in a vintage bud vase, by winsome hollow on etsy

please, someone buy this... before i am forced to because it is so lovely and i have been drooling over it. or this one, while you are at it.

daffodil bulb, by winsome hollow on etsy

actually, go ahead and buy all of the mentioned above because i am eternally weak in resisting!

in other news, i want to congratulate my friend heather on her first baby being born this week! this is little coralyn, and she is an absolute cutie. i hope i can come visit seattle sometime and meet her in person. actually i would like one of these also, too bad you can't pick those up on etsy:)


Heather said...

You are the sweetest, Cary!! Thank you!

with love,
heather, steve & coralyn

katy said...

well, that was sweet of you... thank you!

and, coralyn is beautiful, heather!

katy said...

and, p.s., i want all of those things you posted too... including that sweet baby ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I would be first in line for etsy baby!!!! Elma

Cary Walker said...

oh, if it were only that easy:)