holiday announcement...

so, i think most of you have probably done your shopping for christmas... everyone is so on top of things! if you are like me, though, and wait till the last minute, i thought i'd share my holiday shipping info. any listing marked as made to order, will not be completed until after christmas, if you order past the december 10th deadline. i'm not accepting an more custom orders before the holidays. listing for already made items will be shipped until the 15th. i can't promise arrival before christmas if you order after that.

i'm sorry i have been so absent lately. i have been really busy with holiday orders (if i owe you one i promise it is coming soon!). we have also been very busy around here with other things, that i hope to share soon:) in the meantime, enjoy some recent holiday pictures from my home. i'll be back with some gift ideas tomorrow, it's been too long since i shared some of my etsy favorites!

** by the way, using my advanced social networking capabilities i managed to lock myself out of my own facebook fanpage. brilliant, i know. i have no idea what to do now, but that is why i haven't been posting there! so i will either have to start over or plead my case to facebook. blurg.

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Michelle said...

You have such a great home! So cozy, and natural and lovely.