etsy favorites... (farmhouse chic)

1. wallmount soap dish, from andrews reclaimed

2. burford brothers ironstone, from shop hot house

3. antique ironstone baking mold, from big fish hill pond

4. peacock hutch, from oh clementine

5. 5 antique milk pans, from zinnia cottage

6. vintage staffordshire plates , from apple hill dolls

i guess it is obvious what this list was inspired by! obviously, i have always been a bit obsessesed with the rustic farmhouse look... but lately i have a good reason. i am currently going through a lot of my possesions and deciding what i want to keep and what i am ready to pass on. i admit to having a problem with getting tired of things, and i'm looking forward to 'starting over' a bit. i love the beautiful, simple feel of these items. i have a hutch that is begging for a makeover and the one above is giving me some inspiration. i bought my hutch a few years ago at the brooklyn flea for about $50...

that's a terrible pic, but the only one i could find (with our aging pup nora). i was going to paint the whole thing but decided i might try to clean it up and put color on the inside. the brick house has a wonderful post on refreshing vintage wood that i highly reccomend.

so most of the items on my list today were inspired by my desire to redo my hutch... except the soap dish. that came from thinking about the hideous 80's bathroom we have upstairs! if only i could simply buy a whole new one of those on etsy too! that's for another post. i'll be sure to share my hutch when i get it done.


katy said...

love, love all of these :)

and i want that peacock hutch... so much so that it actually popped up in one of my dreams last night!

Cary Walker said...

i love that too... it's much nicer than mine but similar enough i can use it for inspiration. i just found this site:

Nicole said...

I'm so flattered you like the hutch...and I'm loving this collection! So, the label never occurred to me before, but I think "farmhouse chic" is my favorite style. :) Also, I'm excited to see this paper site you mentioned...definitely going to hit them up. Thank you thank you!

Cary Walker said...

thank you nicole:) your hutch is dreamy!