first day of school...

at home still

walk to school

they look a little uncertain here. i think we were all feeling that this morning. they were both awesome. saw a little boy bawling his eyes out and nearly lost it myself. i made it out of the school before crying. i miss them so... i feel like my heart broke in two and walked out the door. it gets easier right?

on a more uplifting note! my sister katy is featured in better homes and gardens 'do it yourself magazine' this month. it is a great feature. i hope you will check it. the magazine has lot's of great diy ideas, i'm really enjoying reading it. go over to her winsome hollow blog for a chance to win a copy... along with a little handmade goodie from her. check back in later this week (not only to make sure i haven't turned into a little puddle;) but also for a chance to win a copy from me!


Jules Bronson said...

This is my first time in your blog. And a loved it.
Every thing is so cute!!
I send kisses from Buenos Aires for you.

Jules Bronson

Charlotte said...

Love his Ramones shirt!

Jenniffer said...

Congratulations to your sister, and to you for getting through that first tough day. Ours are still to come- we start in September, but I'll be a puddle right there with you!

Cary Walker said...

thanks for your nice comments! welcome jules:)

charlotte, yes, he picked it out himslef and was very proud of it.

jennifer- i think there are lot's of us. i guess it is hard too, when you are deciding whether school is right at all or whether they are best at home.. a alot of "what if" that is always there for us parents:)