etsy favorites...

pendant light large 10" glass globe, from blue moon lights

i wasn't sure what title to give to today's etsy favorites. we have been having unseasonably warm weather this week, but today we woke to rain on the roof and cooler tempatures. the low will turn into the high today and drop more tonight. we are expecting unseasonably cool tempatures and our first frost. i guess it is time to bring in my lemon trees. how has the world spun around so quickly to get me back here? i realized we have now lived every season in this house.. already! my daughter asked me if we had christmas here last year. already, this is the home she knows and is forgetting what came before... but no, once we have have christmas here i think it will finally feel like home for me. but today i am not thinking about christmas. i'm planning a halloween birthday party for her, thinking about how my husband will have to get the ladder out to fetch the halloween decorations out of the attic that we just put away. i'm also enjoying the pops of color i see out the windows, a contrast to the gray gloomy sky. i'm trying to hold onto it just a little bit before the world starts to spin again.

handmade purple harem pants, from cloud9jewels

beautiful glass cloche bell jar, from klinker

bistro cutting board, from grayworksdesign

vinatge folk napkins, from cottagefarm

extra large enamelware tea kettle, from woodlandherbgarden


katy said...

love all of them... those napkins are adorable!

Cary Walker said...

some i stole from you i think? the napkins are really cute