busy weekend, not so busy weekend..

i'm sorry for the absence last week. my son came down with a nasty virus and then passed it on to me. no fun being sick when you are pregnant. i am feeling much better now and was able to enjoy a lovely, but very hot, weekend. the wisteria is starting to bloom, along with everything else here. though i must say, i think some of the flowers are feeling the effect of the heat. is it hot where you are? it is in the 80's here!

my son took his first overnight back packing trip this weekend. he went with a group of friends, my husband and his grandfather as well. i was sad to miss it but i don't think i am up to carrying all my gear for miles at this point! i can't believe how big he is getting! why does it go by so fast?! he is almost as tall as me now and weighs almost as much as i do (pre-pregnancy) and is only nine. i can remember so clearly carrying him around everyday in his little sling. he is still the same sweet boy though. i missed him this weekend!

it did give me a chance to have a girls weekend with my daughter! it was really nice to spend time with her alone before the baby comes. she is so fun to do things with and talk to. she asks the sweetest questions... "what inspires you mommy?", and "what is your passion?" it is easy to forget she is only six.

my mother-in-law was nice to suggest an outing on saturday and we visited the botanical garden, where everything is starting to bloom. they have planted tulips and daffodils all over, not to mention the orchid show that is going on. it was really lovely, and sid spent much time spinning in the grass until she fell down dizzy!

after we came home and ate, she asked to watch a movie in my bed (sense and sensibility) and to sleep there with me. the next day we spent outside cleaning up from winter and planting some seedlings. she was waiting anxiously for her brother to return. she hates being away from him for too long. after papa and bubba came back we went out to dinner and enjoyed being back together as a family again. it was one of those lovely busy, not so busy weekends.

garden pictures courtesy of my mother-in-law

not so easy sleeping these days

hot weather

starting to get ready for baby

made a new trellis for the bean plants

and hung some lanterns in the tree

we are up to seven eggs a day now!


Melissa Crowe said...

I want to make something for the baby's room! Tell me what!

Elma said...

Love the wiestria plant!! We over here in MI are having hot weather to:) To hot to fast and everything is budding and flowers comming up. I just hope we do not get a hard frost:(
Love the bed linens and the beaitufil picture of the basket and eggs:) I wish my hubby would build us a coop!!
Can you email me your address so I can send a baby gist??
Have a great day!!!

Jenniffer said...

Lovely post!
Your wisteria is so gorgeous-
We've had rain and snow this week, so no heat in my corner of the world! Your weekend really sounds ideal. Blessings to you and baby! :)