from the market...

truthfully, it was very hard to get myself out of bed on sunday, mother's day. it was pouring rain and chilly outside. i was thinking our first market experience would be a bust. luckily i did get up and despite a very wet day and not the usual crowd, we ended up having a great time! i love my neighborhood. everyone is so friendly and supportive. we had so many great compliments and actually sold quite a lot! it was funny how many dad's came rushing in with little ones in raincoats to pick up a last minute gift for mom:) our set up up had to be modified because of the rain (hello, ugly but necessary rain flaps) but it was a good test run and we figured out what we would like to do in the future. i'm definitely looking forward to more!

aprons on the line

subliminal messaging courtesy of my nine year old son!

this was a cool project i did... chalk board paint banner!

the whole gang, including the big belly (my son will be taller than me any minute now)

katy and i... we managed to not spend all of our profits in delicious pastries though we were set up right next to the little tart bakeshop!

potholders, aprons, and lavender sachets were the most popular mother's day gifts... hope they are enjoyed!


ImSoVintage said...

Everything is beautiful (including you). No wonder you did so well.

Heather said...

Love! You do such nice work!