october has been such a busy month... as it always is. i haven't even put up my halloween decorations yet! things seem to go by in such a blur with a new baby, not to mention full time homeschooling. my son took on a big adventure himself this month, leaving home for the first time without us. he took a trip with his grandfather up to the catskills and has been gone for two weeks! we are literally counting down the hours now until he comes back. i miss him so, as do both his sisters.

here are a few pictures from my tumblr that show a little what we have been up to this month... zoo visits, a trip to the cemetery, family meals with one less at the table, squirrels who think pumpkins are a good fall snack and of course a rapidly growing baby...

i've also gotten a lot of great time with just my older girl, and i think she has enjoyed the extra attention and the ability to explore her own interests.

she made her own ink from blueberries and together we made a quill for her to write with. it was fun and works really well! we figured it out here.

we also printed out these cute paper dolls free from here. sid cut them out and glued them together and then spent the morning arranging them in various scenarios including in the tree outside.

we also took a fun little yurting trip which was the little ones first camping experience. she was really cute and loves being outside... it is probably when she is the happiest.

so other than a pretty big shortage of naps, which accounts for my not being around much things are going well. i have finally reopened the shop and maybe, just maybe, some new things will appear there!


Sandra Dumais said...

Hi Cary,

I don't even know how I found your blog but I'm so glad I did! I also run my own business and am home with two kids. I had my son around the same time you had Tess and I also have an almost 3 year old. It gets pretty hairy :)

Just wanted to say I love love LOVE your work! Keep fighting the good fight. (Do you homeschool!? WOW.)


Cary Walker said...

hi sandy! so glad you found me:) my older two kids are three years apart so i certainly remember what those days are like! somehow i think it was much harder than having the third, i guess because my older ones aren't so little and do actually help out. if i could actually get this new one to sleep i would be doing good (well, better). yes, we homeschool (after trying out school for a year we are back to it). i'm trying to start back here and in the shop as well. love your work! it is adorable:)