tess at ten months...

tess at ten months is a super silly tess! she scrunches her nose to show good and bad. she is very good at letting you know exactly what she wants, often with her own made up signs or language. she is cruising all over the place, by herself and holding our hands. she can stand on he own but is still unsure about the whole walking thing. it's getting so close. i'm not sure i'm ready for that milestone but i am enjoying this steadier tess, as it means she can explore more freely on her own. she is constantly watching her brother and sister and trying to do what they do. she loves being outside, animals (especially her nap buddy, kitty). she loves the zoo and exploring in general. she saw the ocean for the first time and held our hands to run into the water as fast as her legs would carry her. she kicked and splashed and was covered in sand and water. she licked all the seashells like an ice cream cone then threw them down for another. she is fairly fearless until someone new approaches and then she suddenly is shy and cuddly. she says "hi" and "bye" and waves at everything. she gives great big open mouth kisses while smashing her face into yours. she is loved tremendously and that love just shines out of her onto us all. we are all so grateful for this little ball of light!

sorry, for my absence lately! my five days a week posting challenge was fun but proved to hard to keep up. i'm going to aim for two days a week. i do have a lot to share!

**i do post pictures daily on instagram!

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