brooklyn flea market

okay, it's not in paris, but the image from their website seems appropriate for capturing the feel. check out the new brooklyn flea market in fort green. i went to the first one last weekend and thought it was pretty cool (and packed!). they had some good vendors, and we met some really nice people (and scored a great piece of furniture). there were a lot of crafters there- at the etsy table and the {new new} york etsy street team table. i wish i had a chance to meet and talk with some of my fellow crafters- but two little ones in tow keeps you running instead. i'm definitely going to head back again soon.

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ThePeachTree said...

Hey! It was great to read what you had to say about the Flea. I have yet to go and that's just about what I thought it would be :) I'll get there one of these days! Oh, and thank you so much for linking to us!!