one of my biggest inspirations is, of course, my children. not only is it their everyday play, sweetness, creativity and outlook on life that inspires me... but the way they embrace my crafting. they are both so proud when i make something new. they love to see it online. my son proudly points out what i have made when friends come over, and my daughter assumes that everything is made by me (or her). i love that. i love that they don't automatically assume everything comes from a store. they don't ask to buy things all the time. they still believe that anything you might want could possibly be made. i guess that's why my son suggested my next project be a luke skywalker out of wool. i better get on that.

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Katy said...

Good luck with Luke!
I love how confident Sidney is her abilities..."I'll make you a dress for your birthday, Katy" problem :)