saturday shopping list...

it's been a while since i have done one, but i thought i'd be helpful and show some of the things i'd love for the holidays (hint, hint)...

1) translucent porcelain eggs, votive soy candles (2 candles and 1 little bird), from revisions
2) terrarium no. 95, by the oakleaves (i'd like a blue roof though;)
3) timex clock, from passepurse
4) rosemont sweater, made by little houses
5) nest of thread v, by whileshenaps
6) retro powder blue cream and sugar set, from simplethrift
7) a bit of paris, by artquirk
8) 1957 c. miller ceramic atomic age coffee carafe, fromvaudevillevintage1 (i love this!!)
9) grey marigold II, everyday purse, made by bayanhippo
10) aqua bird tray, from youareyou
11) tiny birds, mama and baby, from shopworthy (one of my favorite vintage shops)
12) falling water, by thepeachtree

it's really fun to imaginary shop for yourself on etsy! i had such a hard time narrowing it down... these are only a few of my current loves. i was also trying to limit it available items. i'm probably too late to make suggestions anyway (unless everyone waits until the last minute like me), but the one good thing about having birthday relatively near christmas, is you can still get the things you wanted but didn't get. now if i could just get my husband to make one of these. he's impossible to shop for! any suggestions??

happy shopping! visit fancypicnic for more great lists!


Kristen said...

What a great list! I love the colors too, I think I have some new favorites :)

katy said...

i love them all!!

'fancypicnic' said...

Me too! I love them all!

What a great way to drop a hint or two...