inspiration, and a shop break...

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hello my friends. so i've been thinking that i would take a little shop break... not long but just to refocus. i'm not really happy with my shop right now, and i think i will close it for a bit, just a week or so, to rethink, work, and start fresh. i have a custom order to post first, and i wanted to give a little warning in case someone was thinking of purchasing anything. so, i will probably close wednesday, the 14th. i will continue to blog and update on my work. it may be for more than a week, depending on where my angst takes me:) i think some time to work, and enjoy flickr, and the blogging world, and etsy... and of course the real world(!), without worrying about sales will be good.

above is some of my flickr inspiration as of late. the weather is so cold here now, i feel as if i'm slowly building a little cacoon around myself.... searching for a warm little hidey hole to curl up in for winter. perhaps this is inspired by my current favorite children's book humphrey's corner.

stay warm.

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