a good reminder...

after a hard week, and feeling down... this was what i needed to read this morning, to put things in perspective. i love nie nie's blog. i didn't discover her until after her crash... but i find her writing before and after, so inspiring. i especially like that even though we are very different people in a lot of ways, she still speaks deeply to me as a person.

so we are just trying to settle in here, which is difficult since we are still looking for a place to live! we are lucky to stay with family... on a pretty wooded lot... a nice change from living in the city for so long. i will start posting some pictures, as soon as i can locate my cable to upload them! i have set up a little craft space here too and i'm starting to work again. i have both kids home full time though, so it's a slow start for now. i'll update soon. thanks for your words of support and encouragement, they really mean a lot.


Kendall Micayla said...

I has got to be exciting to finally be almost done with the craziness of moving! I cant wait to see your new home, it sounds lovely!

Miri said...

good to hear from you!
glad everything is fine so far, & good luck with finding a new place, i hope you find exactly what you are looking for!!
We got the house we wanted, & are moving in on the 17th , but will keep this house here till may,too, so we have lots of time for the move!