winner and shop update...

well, we have a winner! congratulations to isabelle! she was actually the first person to leave a comment and randomly, she was the first name that came up using isabelle left a lovely post on her blog about the contest as well. thanks isabelle... looks like my little bunny will be off to france soon!

for those who didn't win, i just wanted to say how appreciative i am for all your nice comments. i really enjoyed reading every one of them, as well as visiting all of your blogs. i found so many new favorites! i wish i could give you all a bunny too.

speaking of bunnies, now. i have to apologize because i really tried hard to have a bunny update for today. unfortunately, the hazards of being a one woman operation is that if you get sick, there is no one to pass it off too. lot's of packing and one pretty bad cold has left me behind. i was able to finish up some chicks though! i will have four chicks to post in the shop (around 4:15 pm e.s.t) today. these will be extremely limited addition... the only 4 i will make this season. i found a very pretty and fluffy yellow fabric perfect for the chicks, but that is all there is. each chick will come with a little tag and number, signed by me.

as for bunnies, i will slip in another update before easter comes. i will be with a little more free time in about one week (we are staying with someone for a bit until we find the right place, so no unpacking immediately). i will be able to post some bunnies the week after next. if you really want a bunny, send me an email or convo privately and i will make a list. thanks for your understanding.


Kendall Micayla said...

Oh, that duck is a darling! I like your style of sewing, it is adorable!

Little Miss Mel said...

cute! so cute!! love your work!