saturday shopping list...

1) vintage glass apothecary jar or terrarium, from ethanollie
2) ceramic clay mushrooms, by thelittlereddoor
3) colonial home no.5, from weedsandwildthings
4) please don't eat the mushroom glass jar, from imsovintage
5) vintage tall apothecary jar, from aimeesarmoire
6) two moss pendants (free shipping), by warmcountrymeadows

terrarium love! terrariums make wonderful additions to your home, and they are terrific gifts. there are lot's of wonderful terrarium sellers on etsy but i thought i'd show some supplies for starting one of your own (plus a set of unique terrariums pendants i couldn't resist showing).

i won't be around much this next week. we are moving into our new house, and don't have internet connection yet. i'm also off to disney world next week! hope your summer is going lovely so far, and i will check in soon.

xo, cary


Leslie said...

Great list! I love the photos of your house. The fireplace is amazing! Good luck with the move and have fun in DisneyWorld. We went to Disneyland this spring and it was amazing, so much fun.

blossom said...

lovely list this week....
hope all goes well with the house move & have a wonderful time at disneyworld!
take care xx

The Fern and Mossery said...

Great post! It's easy and fun to make terrariums of your own- check out my blog for tips and links to how-to pages!

Kandice said...

Adore your blog.
I have linked you via an award on my blog.

Ave Harysakti said...

Amazing list, I love plant in the bottle, need an extra works to make that, great..