grateful friday... the spirit of adventure

today i am grateful for childhood... and the way it reminds us anything is possible. as we get older, i think we often tend to see the world and it's possibilities shrink. think back to those days of childhood though, when you truly believed that all kinds of adventure was just waiting for you. you lived in a world limited only by your imagination. i have to remind myself of this now. i am limited only by my own mind, and what i tell myself i can't do, rather than what i can.

today i have captured my children in the middle of an exciting motorcycle race. my son, the driver pauses briefly in the pit stop, while my daughter quickly gets his bike back into top racing form. they were lost in this world all afternoon. they spend endless hours telling me about the hundreds of jobs, and places they will live when they grow up. anything and everything is possible, and in their minds they can do it all.

so today, i am grateful for this reminder from my children and all children.... including jessica watson. who has accomplished something very few grownups ever will.... the ability to believe in endless possibilities and the courage to explore this great big wide world!

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