shop update...

some new items in the shop this evening. a little deer... the fawn will be listed tomorrow. also, a new sheep that is ready to ship (a tongue twister!). i have a custom listing for a sheep as well, if you would like to personalize one a bit more. i was planning on showing you a photo a of a black sheep i made for someone, but unfortunately my daughter has hidden my camera cord so i can't upload it. it is probably stashed with the ipod, and my credit card i had to replace last week. it is like living with a crow.

anyway, i will list the fawn tomorrow (if i can find my cord). i also have some new photos of animals already in the shop. they were spruced up a bit for their craft show appearance, and i felt they needed some new photos to show them off. i am working on a new elephant as well!

(is anyone else having a hard time with the new blogger formatting? my pics are always lined up wrong. i can't link pictures... is it just me?)


katy said...

beautiful pictures!

and, the new blogger formatting definitely takes some playing around with... i've had problems with it as well

(hope you found your cord!)

Shari Wibley said...

i really need a skunk pattern. i do i get one. they always called my uncle stink and would like to make one in his memory