etsy favorites... (summer snow)

2) romanic summer dress, by mylolafashion
3) turkish bath towel, by turkishbath
5) hanging air plant pod, by mudpuppy
6) albino blue jay print, by dsbrennan

oh, it is so hot here. not even the movie theater felt cold today (hello, toy story 3, i loved you so much though). i am just sitting not wanting to do anything. the idea of snow seems so refreshing to my weary mind. alas, no summer snow... the white sand beaches i will be heading to in another week will have to do.  here is a little cool white for you, more appropriate for summer than snow, however. enjoy!


Melissa Crowe said...

We saw some old friends from Athens a few days ago, and they said it was 100 degrees when they left home. We've been seriously considering moving back to Georgia, but if even the movie theater is no refuge, I don't know if I can handle it!

Cary Walker said...

how long did you live here before?

it wasn't so bad last summer... we have been having a bit of a heat wave this week. i have been waiting for it to break. tonight was the first cool night we had, and it was lovely. my husband and i sat outside at a cafe listing to music. maybe i enjoyed it more after such a hot week! come down... i'd love to have a crafting friend!

katy said...

so hot, but i finally got a swim in last night!

sounds like you guys had a nice 'date night' ;)

p.s. love all of these

kendal croix. said...

those air plants are just darling.

mummysam said...

ah, we are braving the heat wave up here.....and am I the only one who was all mushy and crying in Toy Story?(the boys were confused with my reaction..)
(wasn't it so much darker than you expected? I was quite taken aback by so many "near death" moments.....)

A. Peres - A.Utiger said...

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