hello, goodbye

summer always seems to be busier than you expect... we have been on the go since summer break started! this is an actual picture of our car by the way... and i can't wait to tell you all about our two week long trip... but life has gotten in the way. my only excuse last week was laziness. we spent the week as you should in summer, laying around, reading, playing outside, riding bikes, swimming and so on. it was just nice to be home again. i planned to get back to work, and blogging this week. sadly, my husband's grandmother died. she was a lovely lady (our daughter was partly named for her), who will be missed. she was my husband's last grandparent... a sad passage in life. so he and i are flying across country to say our goodbyes (wish me luck or good nerves at least, i'm a terrible flier). i will be back this weekend, and hope to resume my scheduled plan then. take care... xo.


Lyn said...

Hope every thing goes ok for you.

DEK said...

Love you!