i couldn't resist buying his little egg holder from the front house on etsy today. mostly i couldn't resist anything that has a quote like "a kiss without a mustache is like an egg without salt". it was also to celebrate needing an egg holder soon... well hopefully by fall...  since we just ordered some chicks! i'm so excited. i have 8 chicks heading my way in april!!  i have wanted chickens for so long, so i am really looking forward to those little cuties coming. now we just have to make a little set-up for them in the house, and then get the hen house ready. yay! can't wait to share pictures once they are here. until then, here is some other etsy chicken related goodness to start the week...

large bean pot, from jasper jane

wooden animal set, by just hatched

multicolor hen egg cozy, from annerstreet4home

vintage tuck's easter postcard, from gizmo and hoo ha

start the day rooster, from yours truly in my prairie seed shop

easy diy chicken coop plans, from 24 lavender lane

happy monday!


katy said...

i had a hard time not buying that egg holder! that quote just made it. can't wait to see the chicks!

DEK said...

Here's to the chicks!