glorious day....

sidney capturing the glorious feeling of the day perfectly

we have been so busy packing and painting and cleaning and moving and pulling up floors and painting some more... it seems it's all we ever do anymore. so, we took advantage a rare beautiful glimpse of spring on sunday and went to the atlanta history center. we have been meaning to go visit the circa 1840's farmhouse they have there, which somewhat resembles out own new house...

tullie-smith farmhouse at the atlanta history center

we wanted to get some inspiration... we need new windows and a roof... and also a glimpse of what life was like back then. did you know they had to pay a tax each year just to have window panes? what luxury we take for granted! it is a lovely little house with beautiful 19th century furniture, a loom and sweet little schoolroom. of course it is also a lesson on the history of the south and the way that slavery allowed such luxuries like window panes for upper middle class farmers like these.

we have been doing a bit of searching into the history of our home too. it is difficult though, because all the records of course burned during the civil war. all houses around here officially date back to 1870 because of this. we have a letter from a city historian who visited our home when it was renovated last, back in the 80's. he was able to see the wall uncovered and believed the house to be from the 1850's... making it one of the oldest in the neighborhood and indeed atlanta. we may never know for sure, but it is fun to explore! every time i touch the banister i think of all the hands who have trailed there before mine.

so, hopefully we will finish all the immediate things that need to be done and actually move in next week! i can't wait, because it is starting to just feel like this place we visit to do lots of work! i did get a new (to us) couch... found at a vintage store for an amazing deal. it was dropped off yesterday and it actually made the place start to feel like a home. we will have a lot more painting and work to do after moving in, but right now i am anxious to just get there.

we will miss our little home here, but a lovely family with small children is moving in and we know they will carry on with their own traditions and make it a home for themselves too. we can't wait to do the same!

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katy said...

happy birthday!

i totally thought that was your house when i first glanced at the picture! now i want to go see this lovely house at the history center

so excited for you guys to get moved in next week!

p.s. those pictures of sid perfectly captured what i felt on those glorious few spring days!