grateful friday...

i haven't done this in a while. i'm grateful, yet again, for my little mud monsters! jh told me he had so much fun in the mud that next time he was going to get in and just roll around in it until he was covered. it made me remember a day at the playground when he was a toddler. there was a huge mud puddle that all the moms had forbidden their kids to go near. after a few attempts at discouraging him, i realized what was the point? so as everyone looked on in horror, i told him to go for it. he did roll around in that puddle, and splash and jump and make a huge mess. it was glorious to watch. when he was done, i stripped him done to his diaper and plopped him in his stroller and took him home to the bath. no harm done, but a memory i won't forget!

yesterday, i was brushing my teeth with the kids before bed. i suddenly realized jh was watching me intently and copying the way i was brushing. usually i struggle to try to get them to brush their teeth properly. it becomes me nagging at them to do it right, just by joining them though, i didn't have to say a thing. they watch me all the time for clues how to do things. it is the moments when i am not trying to "teach" them that they probably learn the most. in that moment i realized how important it is for me to be the best i can... not perfect..  just a good example of someone who is trying their best. i also realized that most of the time they are better teachers than i am.

i have a rare quiet house... the kids are away at a zoo camp today. i know that are having fun and i always crave a little free time... but as soon as they are gone i miss them so!

happy friday!!


katy said...

you are a great example for them! and, yes, those two are always reminding me of the important things in life... like having fun!

enjoy your free time... i'm actually a little jealous of their zoo camp! can't wait to hear all about it... i'm sure jack henry will tell me every detail of what happened (and beyond)!

Cary Walker said...


the theme today is gorillas too!

katy said...

no way!