rainy day and etsy favorites...

invention artist series umbrella man, by water rose

today is another rainy day. i actually prefer the rain to just gloominess... because then you have an excuse to stay in side and curl up. here is a little rainy day inspiration from etsy...

november large image sewn print, from tastes orangey

white mushroom porcelain trinket dish, by ald designs

olive green wool blanket, from little byrd vintage

in the pines, original painting, by blair b lambert

navy blue dansk lidded stock pot, from modish vintage

low slung lounger, by flotsam furniture

hope you have a cozy day, wherever you are.

i have a new large mushroom to add to the shop... if i can find enough light to take a picture! i'm working on some other goodies this week as well.

also, i realized that this week will be the third anniversay of my blog! i can't believe it! i will have to think up somehing special to say thanks to all of you for hanging in with me... i'm think a giveaway?! more info to come.

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katy said...

these are all gorgeous and capture the mood of the day here perfectly! unfortunately, i have to go out to run errands at some point... boo :( i want to curl up with a book and a fire in the fireplace