saturday shopping list...

1) sea blue bathtub print, by janethillstudio
2) long pillow sage and mustard, from newduds
3) you choose half dozen bath-not-bombs, by katevw
4) eastern felted lights, made by helenemagnusson
5) ludwig stick leg sheep, by drawingroom
6) moon dancing hares paper theater, from underthestairsstudio

have a truly lovely, peaceful, and calm weekend!




blossom said...

i love the colours & hues of your shopping list this week, and the paper theatre is so cute.....your mama & baby bunny found a place in my easter shopping list today
happy easter xx

Leslie said...

I love the bathtub print! A truly wonderful list. Happy Easter!

Kendall Micayla said...

What a lovely list! It is a perfect weekend list, I feel so relaxed just looking at it. :)
Happy late Easter. :P

{lovely little things} said...

Quite a shopping list, my lists are terribly boring with things like shampoo, envelopes, and stamps on them.

Just discovered your blog, love it!