saturday shopping list...

1) large maple bowl, made by ofactory2278
2) small tuck pot, by pigeontoeceramics
3) vintage 1960's red leather italian mules, from revivalhouse
4) a slice of strawberry shortcake pincusion, by polkadotsstrawberry
5) pair of vintage baskets, from goodbuyannies
6) climbing roses in spring 8x10, by kristinenoel

i picked today's items just because they are pretty, and looking at them makes me happy:)

have a great weekend, and visit fancypicnic for more lists in the series!


blossom said...

i love the reasons for your list this week.....and love your choices, particularly the maple bowl, the vintage baskets & that beautiful photo of the roses. thanks, i now have 3 more favourite shops on etsy
take care xx

fleurfatale said...

iii, I love your finds, especially the Italian mules!

Leslie said...

Those red shoes are amazing. Great list!

Kendall Micayla said...

What a beautiful list! Everything is gorgeous.... lovely choices. :)
Happy weekend!

'fancypicnic' said...

Again!So much beauty in a list! Gorgeous choices - mmmn, red shoes - and, beautiful family images in your previous post, Cary. Lovely xx You all look so happy!