saturday shopping list...

1) rain and cloud- english summer-necklace, by mixko
2) ceramic nest egg savings bank, from mudpuppy
3) bleu wallpaper gathered skirt, made by desirapesta
4) dreaming spires willow playhouse, from wove
5) modern silhouette bird house (on sale!), by williamdohman
6) fabric bird grey blue cream, made by abigailbrown

since i have been spending so much time out in the world this past month, i thought i would have a nature inspired theme for this week's shopping list. hopefully you will enjoy it when you get a chance to come inside too.

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Kendall Micayla said...

Such a pretty list! I love all of the items. :)
Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

Kaetlyn Wilcox said...


littlebird said...

Ooo the play house is just lovely!
and i like the rain cloud necklace, great selection thanks.