craigslist obsession...

i have become addicted to craigslist. there, my secret is out! okay, my husband wouldn't call it much of a secret but it's definitely an addiction. i have had to force myself to stop looking on craigslist for awhile because i cannot stop finding things i want (and convince myself i need). i never really did this in ny. it seemed much more of a hassle... too much to sort through, too expensive, too hard to get home, etc. since we did throw out much of our things when we moved, and also moved into a much bigger space it is partly a necessity... but i also think it's a way to focus on something other than the stress of moving and starting our lives completely over. it can be a bit overwhelming when everything you do is completely new. i'm so anxious to get the house looking like a home, but i feel like i have just hit the disaster phase.... where you have all the "unappealing" boxes to open and figure out a place for, the piles of clothes to be put away... etc. my mom has a friend who would move into a new house and have it entirely unpacked, painted wallpapered, you name it... all in the first week! i wish i had that kind of energy or motivation. i get easily bored and distracted.... things like craigslist always seem to be calling me!

(i did get some good deals... the crate and barrel couch was only $200, and sid's antique mahogany bed was $25 dollars!)

in other news... our little kitty, bell, is growing fast! and turning into a holy terror! yikes. she looks so sweet, but we are all sporting claw marks these days. kittens are adorable, but i'm kind of looking forward to her growing out of this phase.

we also had another lost tooth! it was hanging by a thread for about a month because he refuses to wiggle them, but yesterday he let us (read: aunt katy, because it kind of creeps me out) pull it. i love the missing top teeth... so cute! ack, it seems like yesterday that those teeth came in for the first time:( i'm not in such a hurry for them to grow out of the kitten stage.


jessicajane said...

i am also addicted to craigslist. i look every day (for a dining room table) and then i find myself looking for things i don't need!

thats a pretty nice couch you got there!

Melissa Crowe said...

Wow--you did get some great deals! That's a healthy addiction, as far as I'm concerned. ;-)

Wendy said...

Abby has her first loose tooth! Bottom right. She wiggles it incessantly and begs me to wiggle it for her, so I am guessing it will not be hanging around too long! Looks like you are nesting happily down in the South! Great finds! We bought our Pottery Barn sofa off of Craigslist 6 years ago and it is still going strong.

Cary Walker said...

Oh my! Jack Henry lost his first two last summer when he was five... but I guess I still think of Abby as so little! I can't wait to see a picture when it comes out! Jack Henry was very happy to get his Euro's from the tooth fairy last night. Every time he loses one, she gives him some coins from other countries that she has picked up along her travels. He loves it:)

elma said...

Oh your finds on craigslist are so neat and what great prices:) My kids all have claw marks all over them to from our kittens. We found a stray and tamed her and then she had three babies. They are so cute to watch as they play and attack eachother.
When we moved almost to years ago ( we moved twice in two years ) I just worked like a nut and unpacked and had most everything done in three days:) Alot of work and enough to drive ya over the edge but I can't stand a mess and with nine of us I wanted it done right away. I hope you post pitcures of your new home.

Kendall Micayla said...

congratulations on the lost tooth! i remember how exciting it was to loose one... we would have a hot cocoa party every time one fell out instead of money. i loved it. even though i collect coins now :)
my parents LOVE craigslist... our new oak dining room table= $75
little bistro set for extra seating =$75 also
my dresser=$25
my sisters dresser =$25 ... you get the point. :)
great deal on the kids bed, its beautiful!