i went to a really lovely wedding this weekend in kentucky. my sister's very good friend, andrea, who she has known since they were fourteen was the beautiful bride. i have been to many weddings but this one was a favorite. it was full of joy and love from all around... especially from the bride and groom themselves. they were both so happy and relaxed and focused on what what important... the life they were beginning together.

it was a wonderfully fun atmosphere, and i enjoyed taking part in it! hopefully the bride wasn't too annoyed by my incessant picture taking. didn't my sister katy make a lovely maid of honor?

i'm glad to be living so much closer to lexington now. this was part of the reason we moved down here, to be closer to family and friends. we stayed with my grandmother, who is an extremely fun and energetic (almost) 85 year old! love my granny!

and love being back in the crazy environment of the south! my sister and i laughed the whole way back home at all the funny moments we shared. it's definitely a whole other world down here.



Pretty Neat Designs said...

The last photo, of all that stuff piled in the back of the pickup is hilarious! (and dangerous!)

Cary Walker said...

yes, i had to quickly whip out the camera for that one. i swear it looked even crazier in person... it was quite a small truck and everything was held in by just a few ropes!