inspiration wednesday....

1. a corner, 2. Bedroom, 3. wood bird coasters, 4. Flying away, 5. blueberry muffins, 6. Jake, 7. Untitled, 8. three, 9. speckled egg, 10. the barber shop quartet, 11. More deep thoughts from JunkerJane, 12. Metal Tray with Litho Flowers, 13. horse10, 14. St Malo, 15. h b m, 16. Apples, 17. 005, 18. noche, 19. inspired by ahmed nadalian, 20. original

sorry i have abandoned you lately, my lovely flickr friends!

yesterday was a surprising day, and i'm wondering what direction life will take me soon? maybe things will continue as expected or maybe they will go in a completely new direction? are you a big planner, or do you tend to take things as they come? i sometimes wish i was better at planning out my life (or at least my husband was a better planner). there are a lot of consequences for not palnning ahead... but also a lot of rewards for just taking chances. am i being vague enough?! it's not any major news to tell, i just like it when what seems like an ordinary day suddenly suprises you. hope your day is inspiring!

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