saturday shopping list...

this weeks etsy shopping list is inspired by the idea of unique baby shower gifts. new moms often get so many of the same types of things... most often what is practical (or a million cute outfits they outgrow too quickly). it is also nice to receive unique surprises. here are some interesting ideas for special, handmade (by someone else or yourself) and vintage gifts that are truly one of a kind!

1) put your shoes on, baby, from clutterjunkie
2) orange petal flying cap, by handmadecharlotte**
3) hey, diddle diddle vintage baby nursery lamp light, from inwiththeold
4) zaza hammock, made by robynas (shop currently on break until the 1st)
5) patterns, baby gifts, from leahsutton
6) bluebird mobile, made by willowbaus

** enter to win your own special gift from handmade charlotte here!!


Leahdis said...

Those shoes are adorable!

Sal said...

I love that Zaza Hammock!
Thanks for the recommendation - I'm going to buy one for my baby right away!