we have a winner!...

our winner of the handmade charlotte dress and pumpkin give away is marian! congratulations! i will be in touch to get your address and they will be on their way!

also, as you can see from the side over there ------>, my shop is now open again! horray! i'm actually so excited to get back to work. i'm working on some new animals, and i will post some work-in-progress pictures. i will make some pumpkins and leaves as well. anything elese you are interested in? let me know!


Marian said...

aaaahhhhh!!! First time I've ever won anything from a blog. I'm so excited. Thanks Cary (and random.org lol) :D

Cary Walker said...

Congrats Marian!

If you will please send your address to my email, I will send it off to you!