etsy favorites... (kitchen makeover)

1) farmhouse pitcher, from lovely home vintage
2) foggy warsaw farm house, by bonnie murray art
3) milk glass hen covered dish, from lost and fawned home
4) vintage ge wallflower electric clock, from bluebell
5) elise reversible fully lined reusable grocery bags, made by sma designs
6) 4 washcloths in cream and sugar, by bella yarns
7) rustic country cupboard, made by joy and joshua
8) sugar creamer set, blue forget me nots hand painted, from shabby chic home
9) cast iron rooster hanger, from im so vintage

ok, so the last one is already sold:) it is part of what inspired my list this week. i'm thinking about how i want to decorate the kitchen. now that spring is coming i can think about painting... walls, tables, chairs! all the things i have been putting off. so my kitchen sits untouched but i have big plans. painting and hanging and sewing. i'll be sure to share... maybe i need a before photo?

so i have decorative items for the kitchen on the brain. here are some favorites i will share from etsy (sorry i am a day late). oh, and i also have those reusable dishcloths. they are truly great, and i am so happy not to have to buy sponges anymore... and they are prettier!

besides my beautiful rooster hanger from my mom for my birthday, i also got this lovely from my in-laws for christmas.

i think i could plan the entire kitchen around just these two beauties... one vintage, and one timeless. i am trying to filling my home with what is both useful and beautiful. i am lucky to have such generous family to help me out!


kendall.micayla said...

the kitchen is one of my favorite places to be... your picks are so pretty! i love the cupboard and the pitcher, they are lovely!

Cary Walker said...