nature tables...

"nature table april" by knecht ruprecht dolls

we used to always keep a more traditional nature table in the children's room but for some reason i always found it difficult to find the creatice inspiration to keep it up. i'm not sure why this is? i have lovely books full of ideas, and friends who had beautiful displays in their homes. my little table was always fairly neglected. i seemed to find that a more informal system seemed to work better for me.... a place to celebrate natural items we collected or loved to look at, but without the pressure of making it look like something out of a book. it has always sort of popped up in places around the house without much forethought. in our new home, our mantel seems to be the place for this. it won't ever be perfect but we enjoy it and that is what is important. here is a peak at our early spring display. i will add a larger branch to hang eggs on, and also hang up some vintage easter cards... maybe, who knows? i don't like to plan it too much:)

here are some more beautiful images from the nature table pool on flickr to inspire.

"easter", by daria.ivovsky

"four blossom princesses", by alkelda

"spring", irit dulman

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Melissa Crowe said...

You know, it may sound like laziness on my part, but I'm far more comfortable in a less-arrange, more improvisational home. Funny--our nature finds always end up on the mantle, too--acorns and pine cones, smooth stones, skeletonized leaves.

Cary Walker said...

i like it like that too... my favorite homes are the ones that seem more "organic" and less planned. i admire people who can let their personality show... but not tip over into chaos (a major battle for me)!

i love pics you have of your mantel... including your daughter's beautiful artwork!

Knecht Ruprecht said...

Thanks for adding a picture of my nature table.
Your arrangements are always beautiful and a great inspiration.

Jessica said...
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Cary Walker said...

thank you... your nature tables and work are so inspiring to me!