etsy favorites... (paper birds)

1) house sparrow loose linocut block print, by annasee
2) set of four letterpress bird cards, by the papernut
3) bluebird note card set, made by kisskissiluvthis
4) original hummingbird watercolor, by maiaugust
5) large color print- great horned owl- louis agassiz fuertes, from imsovintage
6) caged bird, made by tabidesigns

our world is filling up with birds. they are all on the move, migrating here and there. settling in to make nests. filling the trees and skies with their songs. they know spring is almost here!

** next week i'm going to have a really wonderful giveaway from one of last weeks etsy favorites!! i'm so excited! be sure to check back this week to find out who, and to enter to win!


katy said...

mmm, i'm listening to the birds singing right now! such a wonderful, promising sound!

and, love all of these... they just look as if they were meant to be shown together as a collection

Cary Walker said...

thanks katy... i really want that hummingbird painting. it's so beautiful. sadly, i can't even afford the print right now. oh well, someday!

Aunt Tricia said...

Thanks Cary ... xoxo you...aunt T