last week we took an absolutely lovely trip to stay in a yurt over looking a nearby lake. my friend nicole organized it (and took these beautiful pictures). she also organizes weekly hiking trips for home schoolers, and was able to put together this amazing trip for nine families! it was so much fun, especially for the children. i especially enjoyed floating in the water for an entire afternoon... this seems to be the major theme of my summer?!

so much fun! thanks nicole!

so, other than floating in water all summer i have also been super busy around the house. i am truly possessed. i have been busy painting walls all week, and have my office half moved. i am really excited! it will be a wonderful new space to work in.... i am so exhausted though! mostly i have been only working on special order sheep this summer... you all seem to love those sheepy. i have a wonderful new idea for a very long and challenging project though!! i'm really excited about it, and hope you will too. i will let you in on the details soon.

thanks for hanging in with me during my sporadic posting. your lovely comments mean so much, as does your understanding of the hectic life of a mom with two kids at home full time... all the time!



Lyn said...

I love your sheep too!
glad you had a good break.

Cary Walker said...

thanks lyn!!

katy said...

that really was so much fun... well, except for the bee sting part ;)

handmadecharlotte said...

ok.....i love when i have not been by in a while.....because......i can stay and read all the wonderful things you have been doing.....yerts....love.....where was that?........i love your home pics......hmmmmm.....how is homeschool? would love to chat....rach maybe we could meet in town some time?? or we could make some fairy houses out here...want to fire up this kiln....rachel

Cary Walker said...

hey rachel.... it's been too long. it was at Ft. targo... really close by. you guys should come on one of the home school hikes... lot's of cool people!