ah, september...

when i moved to new york, oh so long ago, one of the things i most looked forward to was fall. and boy, new york did not disappoint! each year was a spectacular show of loveliness, starting in september. you would wake up in september one morning and find the most beautiful blue skies you could imagine and a hint of something in the air that gave you this renewed sense of hope. after eleven years of that i will always wake up on the first day of september and remember that feeling. fall will always be my favorite season of the year no matter where i live. fall in the south is a different experience and i am still figuring it out. they do not have that sudden burst of showy color that lasts a few weeks and then fades in a blaze of glory like new york does. it is a slower process that is more languid and drawn out.... just like the south itself.  you don't have the intensity perhaps, yet it also does not fade quickly giving you plenty of time to enjoy it. in new york, thanksgiving generally looked like winter, while here you will still expect the lovely autumn scenes you see in books. i'm a little nervous about fall this year as i look out my window and see brown leaves already filling the lawn. too many hot days and little rain will have its effect i'm sure, but i can still look forward to the bounty of apple picking, pumpkins, fall gardening, festivals and walks in the woods. september is a welcome sigh of relief, even if the weather takes a while to catch up to the images in my mind!

now that the children and i are starting to settle into a routine i am finding myself with time to get my hands busy sewing again. look forward to some new items shared here and arriving in the shop soon! maybe i will have to do something fall themed... but for now you will have to settle for a little look ahead to winter!

look for this little dapper fellow in the shop very soon!


Jenniffer said...

Oh- he's darling!
Happy September to you! :)

Cary Walker said...

Thanks Jenniffer, you too!