etsy favorites, for the love of fall.....

rustic rag rug

how long has it been since i have done an etsy favorite? too long. i'm feeling inspired by my favorite season to share some etsy love. i am going apple picking this weekend. hopefully it won't be too crazy with people. i usually go too late in the season because i am on new york time still, but it is a good way to avoid the crowds. this year we are going a little bit earlier so that my son can be sure to get a chance at the apple cannon! i like the place we go because that is about as touristy as they get. my son's cub scout troup is having a pumpkin sale this weekend also, so i am planning on loading up on pumpkins. yes, it is weird for me to write that my son is in cub scouts. the other day i heard myself actually say "finish your homework so you can go to to cub scouts". it is amazing where life can take you:) 

what are your favorite fall traditions? enjoy some etsy goodness and let me know!

copco tea kettle

vintage navajo rug

regency stripe red cotton cushion cover

fuchsia ruffled bib

the rolston bag

happy fall!!!


Jenniffer said...

Love the rag rug at the top!

Our family has lots of fun little Fall tradtions- like family boardgames in front of the fire and visiting our local pumpkin patch and munching on kettle corn while taking a hayride. I'm inspired to add apple picking in there, too!
However- best tradtion has to be the oldest kid turning a year older every October!- or maybe, bittersweet is a better word for it.

Cary Walker said...

oh, sounds like heaven! we have two october birthdays here... my husband first and then my daughter was born on halloween! mine will be 6 this year (she's my younger one)