one perfect egg...

well, after a bit of sad news in the last post i am happy to report some good chicken news today. i found my first egg! i let the chickens out this morning and did some work in the yard. after a few minutes rosalita left on her own to go back to the coop. they always travel in a group so i knew something was up. when i came back later i found this! it's nice to finally see the whole process come full circle:) the kids will be so excited... maybe i should put it back so they can find it too?

i promise this isn't turning into a chicken blog, but we did go on a great backyard chicken coop tour this weekend. we had so much fun seeing all the different styles of coops, chickens and owners. we met someone close by who is hatching rare birds and offered to sell us some anytime, which is great, so i won't have to mail order next time. if you are thinking about chickens or even already have them it is a really fun way to learn more and meet others in the chicken community!

in work related news, i have sold a few things in the shop and i'm working on some more. my sister and i will make a limited number of nativity scenes this year also. last year they were very poplular and sold quickly. we have already had some interest for this year, so if you are thinking about getting one just let me know! can you believe it is already fall and time to think about these things?


Jenniffer said...

How exciting to finally have an egg!
I've considered keeping chickens myself, but I don't think this is the season of my life for it- two furry 'killers' on legs and a Husband who doesn't 'get' it. Maybe someday! Hope the exciting finds continue!

Cary Walker said...

we are lucky that our dog completely ignores them. i have been thinking about getting another dog but i'm nervous about that.

if you ever do get chickens you'll see they are much easier then you think they will be. they are really just fun pets and not too much work.