do you pinterest?...

little love blue on pinterest

do you pinterest? it seems to be the latest craze. i'm always super behind on these things but i am in love with pinterest. i have just started but i'm already hooked (obviously my ryan gosling picture in the post below attests to that). it's like free access to a design magazine anytime.  i am also a collector of images. my desktop is full of design idea folders, and keeping track of everything is kind of ridiculous. this is a great way to do that. you can add a "pin it" button to your tool bar and when you are browsing online and see something you like, simply click the button and you can add it to a board. it then keeps track of the images and where it came from. come check me out and i would love to see what you have too! fun!


Katie said...

i'm obsessed with pinterest! i'm following you now and feel free toc heck out my boards as well:

xo, katie

Lyn said...

I have to say I too am obsessed! I love it, It save you having to save sites into favourites and sometimes its just an image you love...pop over to my blog and click on my pinterest button and I will pop over to you!