just work pottery...

rustic honey pot in ivory and brown, by justwork

when i saw this photo by sharolyn joy newington on design sponge i was immediately smitten. i love the mood the photographer creates but i also loved the beautiful pottery itself. i was curious what the "intention" of the photo was... meaning was it to highlight the pottery, create a lovely home decor or home enteraining setting or perhaps an image to simply go a long with a recipe. i was happy to see it was to showcase the beautiful pottery itself and even happier when i found the story behind the pottery. it comes from justpotters at justwork. according to their blog, the goal...

is a unique social enterprise that employs individuals with barriers to the traditional workforce, ranging from: physical disabilities, mental illness, homelessness and addiction. JustWork provides its employees with flexible work schedules and job expectations, through this many employees are eventually able to return to the traditional workforce.

they have two other divisions as well, including justrenos and justcatering, but justpottery started as an idea... "that it would use the existing studio at Grandview Calvary and people would get paid for their pottery work. This would bring in an income as well as foster community and dignity." 

i really love this idea and i love the beautiful pottery. you can check out more of the pieces available at their etsy store!

rustic juicer

rustic cream pitcher
rustic 2 dinner plate set


ImSoVintage said...

I love this. What a wonderful idea. The photos and the pottery are beautiful.

Cary Walker said...

i love it too

Lyn said...

what beautiful pottery and photography, thanks for sharing it.