i am part of a wonderful group of women who craft together- sonia, patti, kristen, and my sister katy. we meet once in each other's home to work together. it's very nice, we are able to have valuable company when working, someone to bounce ideas off- and those of us with little ones have a nice distraction for our kids. it's truly been a gift for me.

we took a trip last saturday to massachusetts! it was great day spent with friends- and a nice break from children. the main reason for the trip was a visit to an amazing wool supply store- for supplies and inspiration- the new england felting supply company, in easthampton, ma. it was an overwhelming experience, just because of the sheer abundance of color and choices. it was a very beautiful place, with beautiful people. it's nice to be around others just as excited about the kind of work you do as you are.

check out their website or stop by the store:

the picture above was taken by patti!

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