winter weather

it seems so strange that spring is almost here, and it is especially hard to believe it is easter. the weather has been so gloomy, and i have had little time to prepare. at church today the children dyed easter eggs and made the most lovely easter tree. even the littlest ones- including my two year old, participated. it was wonderful to see how gentle and reverent they were. i don't think any eggs were cracked, and the beautiful simple colors that came out were a wonderful reminder of the natural beauty that is yet to come. one woman called it their "yearly miracle". 

we participate in a quaker church at the Brooklyn Monthly Meeting House, and each week that i am there i am reminded of the beauty to be found in simplicity. this can be a wonderful thing to hold onto in the "dreary" winter months, and also a nice thing to think about in the brief pause before spring puts on her grand show. each flower my children and i spot now seems such a simple, and lovely gift- one we do not yet take for granted. 

above is a photo of what winter looks like at our house, and also one the work it inspired in me this year. perhaps next post i will put up some pictures of signs of spring in the city.

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