reminiscence and gratitude

i have been hard at work this week on the brooklyncraftcollective website. i was avoiding work on it for a while, because it takes a lot of time- time i could spend crafting, or cleaning, or being with my family (!). once i get back into it though, i remember that it is a very creative process- rewarding and frustrating at the same time. one gift today, that i came across while working on it was a picture from about a year and a half ago. it is at a weekly craft get-together. we often have various other people who we have crafted with, that slip in and out each week- but for the most part the five of us (including my sister who had not yet joined us) continue to meet week after week. regardless of the millions of other things that compete for our time- we make the effort to come. for me, i think it is because it gives me part of the nourishment i need to get through all the other things. once i'm there it really is no effort at all. it's a gift.

this picture brings back fond memories of a friend that is no longer living in brooklyn- i hope she is still crafting! it is also nice to see us all still together, it's nice to remember my crazy two year old as such a little baby. it's also nice though, to think of her now playing happily with the other children so that i can actually craft during our meetings! she's been replaced by a friends' baby who now competes for her time. we all enjoy taking turns holding her though. it's nice to remember what it's like having such a little one. it's nice to remember.

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