saturday shopping list no. 2....

feeling gray? here's the second edition of my saturday shop list, and i guess it reflects my mood this week. i'm not melancholy, just feeling a need for a sense of calm and quiet:)

1) frith bail bowl, by mad and noisy
2) lace cuff pair/ a pair of floozies, from grandma was a floozy (i love that name, and she is offering free domestic shipping and $2 international shipping on all orders through august 15th!)
3) 5x7 photograph, portsmouth island home, by magic island
4) equestrian high wasted brown skirt, from un elephant rose (she's offering a discount! mention this feature when you purchase any thing in her shop and she will send you an invoice reflecting 10% off the entire order. very nice.)
5) birds of paradise chairs (pair), by spruce home
6) the four seasons wall plates, by bailey doesn't bark
7) long thread mixed media brooch- she remembered the poem, made by cathy cullis
8) platypus placemats (set of two), from kraken
9) quiet egg- blue, by mamaroots
10) ruffle dress for the perfect date, by shezzy
11) adult couture stylish dress book- japanese craft book, from pamadour24
12) handmade wool whale, made by cats miaow

check out fancypicnic for more shopping lists!


'fancypicnic' said...

So many desirable items here!! A very elegant collection of items, with a 'period' feel - timeless!!

You probably know that I love Cathy Cullis' work..her ladies 'speak to you', almost. Love the dress - if only I could fit into it! -and the cuffs.

Cary said...

thanks, i'm glad i found cathy cullis through you. her work is beautiful!

i'm enjoying doing the list and i'm going try to start promote it other places:)

Kayla coo said...

Your list is so beautiful, yes very elegant.

Miss Frugality said...

I love the mood which exudes from this shopping list.Very calm and sophisticated.The ruffle dress is adorable!

Half an Acre said...

such a pretty list you've put together.......... really lovely to look through!

Evie said...

Thank you so much for including the floozies in amongst these beautifully serene finds. Simply lovely to look at. Shezzy's ruffled dress is so beautiful it makes me want to cry - I just had a wonderful time browsing through her shop.

If you don't mind, I'd like to mention that Grandma Was A Floozy is offering free domestic shipping and $2 international shipping on all orders through August 15th.

cathy said...

Thank you kindly for including my brooch:) Your eye-catching yet subtle selection has reminded me how many Etsy shops I need to explore in the near future! best wishes Cathy november moon

Cary said...

thanks to everyone for your nice comments!