saturday shopping list no. 3...

for my shopping list this week i have decide to promote one of the wonderful etsy teams i am a part of... the natural kids team! i wish i could have chosen everyone, they are all so great:)

1) merino booties, by brendaml
2) woodland girl needle felted three piece playset- waldorf inspired, lily-rose, by winsome hollow
3) mouse and cheese, by woodmouse
4) mrs. rabbit (needle felted wool), bylittle elfs toyshop
5) silly acorns, by dayanra (pin pon)
6) waldorf cherry wood watercolor or acrylic paint jar holders, by birch leaf designs
7) wood violet hand painted wool roving, by chimera
8) gnome synchronized swim team, by haddy2dogs
9) waldorf inspired doll- autumn acorn, by aunt boos babies
10) lambkins for the people, by freedom rainbow
11) aminita muscaria and aminita baby, by bella winter
12) dark blue playdough 4 oz. tin, by do si dough

once again, check out fancypicnic for more great shopping lists!
(psst... i saw that i am lucky enough to be featured on someone else's list this week. thanks brighton early! and thanks to cathy cullis for featauring me last week, i'm sorry i forgot to include it:)


'fancypicnic' said...

I don't know where to start! Aren't these all adorable?! I'm in love with those gnomes, and what cute 'silly acorns'!

katy said...

thank you so much for featuring my woodland girl! such beautiful choices...i'm honored to be included among such wonderful work

Cary said...

i'm glad you like it!

TheSingingBird said...

Great choices Cary, so glad your shop is part of this great team too! :)

Sarasvati said...

lovely! i'l take 2 of each!

huesofnature said...

I love your Saturday shopping list! How sweet!

LittleElf said...

What a great shopping list, I would love all that as well. ^_^ Thank you so much for featuring my Mrs. Rabbit too. ^_^


Rebecca V said...

What a lovely treasury from Natural Kids team!

boo said...

ooh, can i come shopping with you? thanks for including one of my dolls:o)
ok, i just reset my password for the 75th time. let's see if this works!

boo said...