saturday shopping list...

i got a nice email from charlotte at fancypicnic to tell me that she is kindly featuring one of my pieces on her blog. she had a great idea to start a saturday shopping list, featuring picks each week from favorite etsy sellers. she has a nice list of everyone participating on her blog. i enjoyed picking out some of my favorites in an ealier blog of mine, and had been meaning to start doing it regularly... so i'm really excited about this idea! if you are interested in doing one as well, just contact charlotte for more details!

here are my pics for the weeks. if you see something you like, all the information is below!

listed in order, from left to right:

1)carolyn baby quilt, from hush baby quilts
2)little modern birds, from chakra penny whistle
3)print- the trapeze twins, from roadside
4)jardens botaniques no 6, from lily moon
5)white peace crane mobile, from peace lily
6)rolf, from astulabee
7)pears, from element clay studio
8)night-night mushrooms, from flying star toys
9)woodland girl needle felted three piece playset, from winsome hollow
10)creamer and sugar set, from whitney smith
11)thank you tiny text bowl, from paloma's nest
12)anywhere dress, from hinde


Chakra Pennywhistle said...

Oh so pretty! I adore all of your choices!

I might have to join in on this list. Thank you so much for the feature. I really appreciate it:)

Florence Forrest said...

Thanks Cary for the feature :0) a beautiful list!